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Apply to be a ReachUp! North Intern

DOT and A7G are seeking Indigenous young people (First Nation, Métis, Inuit) to participate in a 10-month paid Internship for the ReachUp! North Project.

ReachUp! North helps Interns lead others by building their entreprenurial spirit and success through a culturally tailored and technologically sensitive environment. ReachUp! North allows indigenous youth to gain facilitation, coaching, mentoring, technology, and communication skills to be shared with their peers in their communities.

ReachUp! North Interns will have the unique opportunity to work with a dynamic organisation to sharpen their skills and prepare for future careers, while impacting their communities as facilitators and coaches.

Interns will undergo six-week intensive training to prepare to deliver the ReachUp! North program. Throughout their placement, ReachUp! North Interns will continue to receive professional development opportunities and be equipped to enter the workforce as talented, experienced, and in-demand professionals.

DOT and A7G are seeking Indigenous young people (First Nation, Métis, Inuit) who:

  • Are technologically savy
  • Can commit to a 10-12 month internship
  • Have a proven background in business or are business oriented
  • Have leadership and research skills
  • Have passion and experience in serving your community 
  • Have interpersonal skills  

Application Process

To apply, complete the online application form below.

While the application deadline for the 2014 intake has passed, we will continue to accept applications for consideration for future opportunties.

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