DOT Interns

DOT Interns

Who are DOT Interns?

  • Young people who are passionate about creating change in their countries and communities
  • College and university graduates between the ages of 18 and 30
  • Young people¬†local to, or very familiar with, the communities where we deliver our programs
  • Agile, determined, committed and energetic young leaders

What do DOT Interns do?

  • Provide technology, business, and skills training opportunities to vulnerable populations through DOT programs
  • Become mentors, coaches, trainers, role models, and leaders of change in their communities
  • Increase their own workforce readiness skills by gaining real-world experience and participating in ongoing professional development activities

DOT Interns are college and university graduates who provide technology, business, and skills training opportunities to people in their own communities.

DOT Interns are recruited from local universities and colleges in the communities where we work. They receive intensive training in facilitation, coaching, mentoring, technology, and communication skills, and are placed in communities they are familiar with to deliver DOT programs.

DOT Interns become change agents, mentors, and role models. By delivering DOT programs in familiar communities, DOT Interns are able to uniquely connect the opportunities and learning experiences to benefit local young people, women, and business owners, making proven and impactful changes in their community.

After completing their 9-month placement, DOT Interns are equipped to enter the workforce as talented, experienced, and in-demand professionals.


97% of DOT Interns say they have very good technology, business, and workforce readiness skills and increased confidence after their experience with DOT.


90% of DOT Interns find jobs or start their own business thanks to the skills and experience they gained with DOT.


82% of DOT Interns report that their income has increased thanks to the skills and experience they gained with DOT.

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